Saturday, October 3, 2009

I know pfach to the second degree!!!!

so I was looking at pfach's wikipedia with my mom, who noticed that he went to the same high school as my uncle's friend! so I went on his facebook and found out from their birthdays that they were in THE SAME CLASS!!! so I immediatelly left a message on his wall explaining all this and askin if he knew him, etc. but it turns out in high school he was "an obnoxious stuck up ass" :(
but hey I don't mind that bc I know that now he is a nice, charitable, extremely family oriented man and I'm fine with him being an ass in high school because I can now say that I know someone who knows pfach :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


so I was just on to buy nm tickets, when I noticed the following sidebar of *movie* information. if you are a real fan you would understand why this classifies as fail:

11/20/2009 - Nationwide
(PG-13 ), for some violence and action
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone
Chris Weitz
Stephenie Meyer
Summit Entertainment

Friday, September 25, 2009

Phonie Twilighers

One thing I cannot stand as a Twilight fan is FAKE Twilight fans. You know who I’m talking about, those people who think there the ultimate twilight fan but really they don’t know shit about it. Like the kids who go “OMG I love Twilight it’s the best I love that Robert Cullen he’s soo hot!” When I hear someone say something like that I just want to go over to them and slap them because THEIR SO STUPID!!!!
emilaaaaay and I were just talking about this at dinner tonight and earlier this week. There were these two girls in our English class who had read the book the rest of the class was reading. They had to pick a different book to read and were talking about doing Twilight because “they love it but they only read the 5th book” if you think there’s a 5th book your obviously not a real fan, unless you’re talking about Midnight Sun in which case you’re still wrong cause that’s not the 5th book it’s just another Twilight. We were also talking about how people claim to be big fans but can’t even name the cast. If you’re a “huge fan” you should be able to name the entire cast. And I’m not just talking about knowing who plays Emmett I’m talking hard core stuff here. If you come up to me and say to loveee Twilight I’m gunna spit it back in your face and ask you to name the actor of EVERY minor character. Don’t know who Cameron Bright is?! Well than get out of my life cause he’s my future husband (Cameron if your reading this I LOVEE you…but not in a stalker way I promise :))

Also if your REALLY hard core like me you shouldn't be afraid to break out your pocket Edward on you'r Birthday Vacation to Europe:

Monday, September 21, 2009

haayy!! this is my first postt!!
so I too am not your average teen twilighter. i know that it's fiction and I don't think that Edward climbs in my window every night and watches me sleep. even if that were true that'd be just plain creepy, no matter how amazing he may be.
I don't live and breathe the saga, unlike my psycho best friend (nyatt). i am also much better with spelling/grammar/english. (sry about the lack of correct grammar here I'm texting this) BUT I hate when people are like "omigod I'm the biggest twilight fan ever! I'm gonna marry rob pattinson!!" and all the while they don't even know that midnight sun exists.
i'm team Edward, though I think Taylor is way hotter than rob. let the truth be known... Peter is the best looking Cullen guy and Ashley is the best looking girl. haha
so yeah I think the point of this blog is to talk about the saga like a TRUE fan, not like one of those little Tweens that don't even know enough math to figure out each character's age.
p.l.t. (peace love twilight) :)
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Your Average Teen Twilighter

I’m addicted to twilight.

That basically sums me up.

I am 16 and totally obsessed with the saga. But I’m not your average teen twilighter. I don’t leave stupid notes on Rob Pattinson’s car telling him he’s rude, I don’t even go to the sets that he’s on even though he was only miles away from my house. I don’t think Edward Cullen is real and I don’t think he is going to come to my town and fall in love with me and marry me…he’s not real. I’m creating this blog to show people that not all teen twilighters are physco little girls. Some of us are just like the 20-30 year old fans except we can’t buy booze, don’t go to work 9-5, can legally screw Taylor Lautner, and still rely on are parents to drive us to the midnight screenings because we can’t drive past 9 pm.

So by now you’re probably wondering who the hell is this girl? I'm 16 don't work and spend my days at school, reading twilight blogs/fanfictions, dancing and hanging out with my friends. I take my Edward action figure everywhere I go, have 2 twilight calendars (thanks to my mom who got the wrong one) and have a section of my closet for my twilight clothes which I buy but never wear. I have read all the books 5 times and love them. In fact I only have 5 books on my shelf The Twilight Saga and Marley and Me. For some reason I’ve watched the movie way too many times to count and yet I hate it. My friends and family think that I’m bat shit crazy and need help…ASAP. After months of me freaking out over Volvos, talking about “that rob kid” and going on and on about Twilight my family has finally given up figuring out why I love this series so much. But my friends are not so forgiving. They never stop making fun of me and my obsession even though they’ve read and love the books their just not as enthusiastic about it as I am. Hopefully by writing this blog I can relieve some of my pent up twilight-ness.

So basically I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve never written a blog before and this could be a huge disaster but hey why not try right? I don’t expect anyone to read this and if you are,welcome! Leave a comment and tell me why your reading this or email me ( and if you are reading this I’d like to apologize now, I have horrible spelling and grammar! But I’m trying my hardest and maybe that stupid AP writing class I’m taking will pay off. But if it doesn’t there will be lots of chargin’s thrown in at random places in posts. I will try to update daily but that probably won’t happen cause I do have a life.